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Unlimited Clients

Converting a client is easy when compared to retaining a client. Rednote has feature to store unlimited clients with their mobile numbers, GST number, PAN and email id. It will be helpful to manage all clients in single window. Hence, payment reminder through mobile and email has been made easier. Moreover, Rednote - online invoicing software provides functionality to track invoices, pending payments of each client in single click. As clients have been stored in central storage, it can be accessed in any functionalities such as Invoice generation, Proforma generation, Quotation generation, Delivery challan and Purchase order preparations.

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Invoice Maker

Invoice! Post GST implementation, it is very essential to provide invoice for each and every purchases made by business mans. In fact, handling multiple invoices is too complicated. Moreover, calculating IGST, SGST and CGST is too complicated process for large invoices. Hence, Rednote - online invoice maker helps to manage unlimited invoices for any organisations. It handles IGST, SGST and CGST amount in ease manner. Rednote decides automatically which GST tax is applicable for clients. Online invoice maker - Rednote gives product wise discount, shipping charges, multiple products, payment reminders and stock management.

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Quotation Management

Height of client conversion ratio is depends on how we are impress our clients. Hence quote process takes important place in business process. It is one of the key parameter to increase the revenue of a company. Rednote has quote preparation in addition of online invoicing software. It’s attractive templates will make easier to generate beautiful quotes and can be send through email from Rednote and Quote can be tracked.

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Inventory Management

Rednote has newly added a feature called Inventory management into existing software. Now user can track their stocks in Rednote inventory management software. If product is opted for Track Inventory, Stock will automatically get deducted from stock and stock will be added when user enters purchase invoice under purchase category. Standard inventory management software should have options to enter opening stock to enter the available opening stocks. In case any theft or damage, product count should be adjusted by stock adjustment screen.

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How To Start?

Onboard with Rednote is simplified in 3 steps. Enter business informations, Login informations, configure company details such as products, prices and clients for first time and generate invoice.

1Sign Up with Trial

Sign Up with rednote using mobile, email and business name. Rednote gives trial period for 30 days to feel lucky.

2Setup the application

In order to generate invoices, 2 mins set up to enter company informations such as GST Number, PAN number and address.

3Keep calm and use

Fair Enough to generate invoice!. Enter client details, product informations and craft your first invoice with

Try it free for 30 days

Rednote gives 30 days unlimited access to make comfortable with all functionalities associated with rednote.

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Why clients love Rednote?

Rednote is loved by small and medium business peoples, just because of its simplicity and attractive invoice templates. It has user friendly screens to generate invoices online. And also it has large number of beautiful invoice templates and it allows user to upload their custom invoice templates. All invoices generated by rednote is GST compliance invoices and helps to file their returns online.

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