Time tracking software

In any business, time is money, time is an acknowledged resource you cannot afford to waste and squander with tardiness and idle work. Tracking employee work hours accurately and dealing with payroll each week or biweekly takes some time for a small business. As the business grows and more employees are brought on board, it takes even more time. All this time is eating away at the money that could be earned by the business. A minute used in unproductive work could result in a loss in revenue.

Companies try to monitor and confirm that each executive, manager, supervisor, staff, and utility they hire is worth their paycheck. This is what ultimately leads most small businesses to start using time tracking software. They can allow an automated, electronic system do the tracking to free up tons of time for employees or the owner of the business to guarantee that each employee uses their time well in good and productive work.

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Rather than designating one person to payroll duties every week, the time tracking software does this automatically so much less time is spent finalizing pay in the end. It is best for small businesses to get familiar with these systems before they grow too large because it will save tons of time as well as money in the long run. Time tracking is the process of enumerating the time that your employees work on various projects for the customers. With proper time tracking software the recordkeeping also becomes far more accurate than it ever could be with one person doing everything manually.

The software of time tracking automates the process by catching the time electronically. It makes it easier and accessible for employees and management to track the time at  It accommodates a quick and convenient way to record, view, adjust, report time and reducing errors etc. It supports to maintain records such as vacation, sick leave tracking more easily. It is also known as time sheet software and it is specialized type of accounting software that uses to maintain time sheets for every person within a company. It all makes the process of tracking faster and more easily. Time tracking software can also be used to assist graph the work and time being spent on every task or project. It allows for accurate time tracking with malleable reporting. Most of the tracking software allows the user to adjust and transform reports by determining which information is pivotal to a particular project.

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Time tracking software can also be used to effectively manage billing of clients. It can record the number of hours one has spent working on a client and calculating it with the hourly fee; thus, making accurate and automatic billings easily. It is a tool used to track the activities of employees and make their daily office assignments more structured and organized so that companies are given an accurate information on what their employees are doing, which activity is assigned to whom, and for how long such activities are going to be completed. Errors and conflicts regarding deliveries can be easily addressed, saving time and increasing productivity.

Payroll can also be managed by time tracking. The right time tracking software will eliminate all loopholes that employees may take advantage of and make the payroll system more accurate and efficient. Through records of employee attendance and work hours, the payroll department’s job becomes lighter. The end result is the small business pays employees only what they are legitimately owed.

Employee schedules, vacation and sick leave credits, overtime and holiday pays can also be created and viewed online. It also makes the system more efficient on the employer’s side so mistakes are not made in payroll.  Online time tracking makes it possible for you to access information anytime, anywhere via the web. Through this, a centralized database management makes it easy to track time and expenses.

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It is often underestimated how much inaccuracies, mistakes and intentional deceptions cost a business in the payroll department. It isn’t until a company starts using time tracking software that it is realized how much money is paid out wrongfully or through legitimate error. In addition, this can also help in setting organizational goals based on the priority and complexity of the work making certain that overbooking of projects will be avoided.

When comes to choose a time tracking software, here are some suggestions or information that will help you to choose the right one.

  1. The software should work over a large and advanced area network, this means you should know to use it across every department opposite cities and even countries
  2. The software should be able to manage billable hours, projects, project managers, project deadlines
  3. The software should have customizability and flexibility to fit into your business needs and cater for your business grow.
  4. The software should support exporting of date to text files, spreadsheets and be able to integrate with other systems.

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Tally accounting software

Tally accounting software is a small business accounting software for small business owners as well as personal users, it helps accountants, individuals and business owners to organize and manage their financial accounts and tax. It is quite a simple accounting software in comparison to other professional accounting software systems. There are also free version for Tally software available for proprietary business owners and personal usage. Tally accounting software has quite long history, over the years, it has accumulated lots of users and been used by various businesses including small business, chartered accountants and software entrepreneurs.

In general, Tally accounting software is a software program that maintains vouchers, ledgers and all other accounting records, it can handle different types of vouchers like Payment, receipt, it also support adjustment entries like Journals, Debit notes, Sales, Credit notes, Purchases, Receipt notes, and Delivery notes and so on. Tally accounting software follows the double entry system of accounting method which helps to eliminate possible errors. One of the features we found good in Tally software is that it supports tree-view structure groupings for account codes. Tally’s flexibility is also something we found useful.

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With over a decade’s track of record, Tally accounting software has been keeping up with the ever-changing accounting laws and statutes, it is also a scalable system which can support business grow needs. I am listing some features in bullet points here for your reference:

  • Tally accounting software gives you VAT/Composite Returns for the time you specify
  • Tally comes up with Input VAT Details, Output VAT Details
  • It track your VAT transactions to the correct State-specified VAT classifications
  • It tracks your bank book and maintains your day to day accounts
  • It can quickly and easily generate Excise Invoices for Traders
  • It does not require accounting knowledge to use
  • It maintains Excise Stock Register
  • It creates quarterly returns
  • It supports multiple files
  • It create e-TDS files in the appropriate formats
  • It allows to use password to protect data security
  • It automatically deducts TDS based on current rates and limits
  • The installation file is small, it can easily be carried in flash drive or pen drive
  • It gives information on net payable
  • It is easy and simple to use with no complicated accounting jargons
  • It adjusts Input Tax Credit against Service Tax payable
  • It is easy to browse entered data
  • Ideal for doctors, small business firms, lawyers, educational institutions, engineers and so on

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Small business accounting software

Small business accounting software is of great benefit to your company, if you have chosen the right package which meets your business needs. The software system can help you to restructure the entire accounting process, it also comes with an easy to understand audit trail. Having said so, accounting software may not always works wonders for your business, especially if you have chosen the wrong system. It can lead to complication of your business operation and cause frustration among your users. So it is extremely important that you need to evaluate and analyze the software that you would be using for your company, and you need to evaluate not only the current business requirement you also need to consider the future requirements. It is also vital to check if the software integrates well with all your current business practices.

Before you start to purchase the accounting software system, it is essential to first determine the needs of your business, in other words, your technical requirement. The functions of different small business accounting software vary depending on different kind of business establishment. For example, a retailer business would need and benefit from the software feature of tracking inventory, whereas those companies in the service sector find the time tracking functionality more beneficial. Keep in mind that there are also industry specific accounting software build for specific industry needs, the features of those accounting billing software may not available in a general accounting software. This is also why the need to examine the business requirements so significant.

It is critical for all small business owners to make sure that the accounting software has the potential to grow with their business needs. It can be very costly to change and make modifications to your small business software package when your company has expanded. Hence it is important to select a accounting business software which is able to provide you with additional features when your business grow. Software with a good track record and from a reputable company normally has all these designed in the system.

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For companies involving the inventory management, we cannot overemphasize how important it is that you need to evaluate the software’s capabilities as far as stock control concerns, Stock control is not only about keeping track of your inventory, it involves proper inventory evaluation, notifying stock purchaser for replenishing for items when their stock level reaches the minimum. Sadly to say that most business owners struggle with keeping a current file of their inventories, be aware that there are accounting software which hold a lot of promise, but when it comes to streamlining inventory control, the amount of money that it requires is often beyond their means.

Small business owners who want to get the maximum out of the software system should choose the software which promotes integration of all relevant business data and using standard accounting methods, it should also support customized business forms like quote and purchase orders, invoices should be easily created by the software. The software should be able to access customer data easily like names, phone numbers, vendor and contact address of the customer. In order to make payroll process easier, the software should automatically connect all databases that contain the employees’ names, address, tax information and contact number. The key requirement for a small business accounting software is to automate maximum accounting process and integrate critical business data.

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It is very easy to find a small business accounting software system nowadays, but it is not so easy to find an accounting software which fits your business needs and your budget at the same time. There are also plenty of free software and freeware available in the market, but then again, you shouldn’t expect too much from a system if you have not paid a lot of money for it, however most of the software will do the basics. But when your business grows, you will really have to migrate and change to a more robust system that can accommodate your requirements.

The process of deciding on this should of course be linked to your company’s business plan. If you plan to grow rapidly, then it’s better to plan ahead, otherwise, you will do well with those simple systems, even those free ones.

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Great Plains accounting software review

Great Plains accounting software also known as Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is an integrated solution to process most of your company’s accounting needs, this includes general analysis and general management of the supply chain, your finance and manufacturing, your customer relationship management and retail, your human resource and your project functions. The software system package was created by A Fargo, North Dakota-based company called Great Plains Software, who was the original developer of the program, it is an independent software developer for financial software systems, it locates in Fargo, North Dakota of the United States.

In view of corporate ERP/MRP industry, there has been quite some fierce competition between Microsoft Business Solutions (Great Plains, Navision, Axapta, MS CRM), Oracle (Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards), IBM (including Lotus Domino), SAP, Microsiga (Brazil, Portugal). It is recommended to choose Microsoft or Java/EJB/J2EE platform.

Great Plains accounting software said that they are the first accounting software system available in the United States, which supports multiple users and work with Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft purchased the software firm in April 2001, after that, in order to fit it into their line of software products Microsoft had added the Great Plains accounting software to their Dynamics family of product serials and they have renamed it Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Great Plains accounting software can integrate with many other Microsoft products, the software’s functionality also can blend with other accounting industry software solutions. Great Plain software has now more than 30,000 installations across different companies, this has made the software one of the most successful mid-market products to date. Microsoft Business Solutions is always a first jewel, few years after Great Plains acquisition, Microsoft Business Solutions purchased Denmark based Navision Software. We think that if you are in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Latin America and your are not a construction company – then Great Plains is good choice for you.


Great Plains accounting software has two choices of license, they are Business Essentials and Advanced Management. The Business Essentials option is about half the price of the Advanced Management license. Great accounting software has many good features that so many businesses follow, it has over 200 distinct modules and lots of modules and features can usually only be found in high end ERP software systems. With Microsoft as the back, the software uses the powerful and popular MS-SQL database. Which is the current trends in the IT applied science because it prefers toward reliable and standard database platform. We’d say you should look for ERP which sits in the standard database like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Ingress, Sybase, Unidata. SQL is the popular one and it will stay for a long time.

The software can also be customized to individual business’s needs. It has eConnect and Integration Manager Integration tools. This software can also integrate with many third party add-ons, this has made it more powerful. It is widely available in the market for sale, most of the industry professionals know the brand name and know how to use it since the product has been on the market for a long history.


Great plain software supports the add-on for Credit Card Advantage which is produced by Nodus Technologies, Inc. This software program makes it possible to process payment immediate by credit cards using the Internet. So, technically Microsoft Great Plains has 10 years of history and is currently in the maturity phase.

Great Plains accounting software is a good choice if you want a comprehensive and powerful software system which addresses every need of your company’s management in terms of finances of every branch of your business. There are not many Windows based accounting software which bundle and support as many users in the United States like the way Great Plains accounting software does, it was the pioneer in this kind of software. Great Plains should be considered as ERP platform ready for tuning to individual needs, it is the platform for the customization. It fits to all the spectrum of industries: apparel, medical, pharmaceutical, distribution, logistics, aerospace, defense, wholesale, metals, chemicals, retail and so on.

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Billing software for small business

Service billing software come in many brands but most of them have features such as accounting integration, accounts receivable, claims management, check scanning, appointment management, collections and so on. High level of automation and efficiency used in the billing system simplifies work process and enhances employee productivity. The automated system helps in reducing the requirement of manually handling of documents. Billing software in Chennai is needed for management and documentation along with automating reporting, billing, collections and scheduling.

There are billing software available online and they come in various brands but in varied prices as well. It can get your office organized, you will also be saving a lot of time and of course a lot of money when you have the right software. Such a software is a must-have for service companies because this helps them get organized. With a software that manages the whole office it gives more free time for employees to do things that are more important. Achieving this kind of efficiency is not possible without the help of an office management software that will do the scheduling, billing and documentation on its own. billing software can also do paperless document scans which makes work easier for billers and coders.

Apart from these, some of the newest billing software has also been designed to allow users to configure it based on the requirements of his business practice. In relation to this, some billing software has also been designed to contain more information, which can eliminate the need to file documents with information that can easily be stored in their computers. The consistency provided by billing software increases the billing accuracy and reduces the workload from the employees.

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Having this kind of software in your organization enhances office efficiency and along with that also increases profit. Service offices are usually busy and having a software that would help them deal with daily tasks is now a necessity. The use of such software also cuts costs because it eliminates the need for paperwork and human mistakes, with a software, everything is managed in an organized manner without compromising any information, schedule, collections or bills.

One of the most recent developments in the use of billing software is its use in the medical profession, which has allowed physicians and hospitals have access to an effective and efficient billing system. Billing software is able to also check the eligibility of the patient for services from the insurance companies. Entire interaction is known as billing cycle which takes some time to be completed. The medical billing software is designed which is an automated process and helps in reducing lots of time in processing the same. Medical billing process is known as an interaction between health care providers and the paying insurance companies.


There are many billing software products out there that can solve all the paperwork and office management woes. In fact, many software offer a complete solution to all your office management problems. Choosing which one is the best for you would be the hardest job, the first thing you should do is list the things you need and then compare different software that will satisfy these needs. When you are done, you can finally choose which software is the best for you and your office.

How to Add a Purchase order in Rednote Online Invoicing Software :-

1.Select purchase order under sales in left side of the Rednote page.

2.Click New to add a new purchase order in Rednote.

3.Select the vendor  name from the drop down given in the vendor name box (Which is mandatory).

4.Select the date to raise the purchase order to the vendor in the purchase order date (Which is mandatory).

5.You can fill other fields given like Quote No, Quote Date, select currency from given drop down and sender details.

6.Select product from the given drop down box in product, change the quantity if needed and click save. Your purchase order will be saved successfully.

7.Select the purchase order you want to make changes and click Action button, you can delete the purchase order which is selected then you can create similar purchase order then you can export the purchase order in excel file.

8. In crop symbol  in right side of the page you can filter the purchase order by vendor name and click apply.

9.In filter symbol in right side of the page you can filter the purchase order with date range. 

10.Click the setting symbol in right top of the page to change the setting for purchase order.

11.You can add prefix, suffix, invoice header for your purchase order under settings option.

12.You can enable the given option (Yes/No) under settings like signature, remarks, reset number, water mark logo, enable logo, edit PO no, letter head (you can set the margin in the below given box), display GST.

13.You can enter your remarks in the given box to be displayed in the purchase order.

14.You can display your signature in purchase order by uploading it by the given link.

15.You can enter your terms in the given box which will be displayed in your purchase order.

16.You can enter notes in the given box which will be displayed in the purchase order.

17.In the given template you can select any one template according to your wish, the purchase order will be displayed in selected template format.

18.After making your changes in the settings options, click update. Your purchase order will be updated with the changes.

19.Select and open a purchase order and click more option to save the purchase order in pdf format then you can send the purchase order in pdf format then you can generate the purchase order into purchase invoice.

20.Select and open a purchase order and select print option to take a print copy of your purchase order.

Billing software for retail shops

Importance of billing software for retail shops:

Importance of billing software for retail shops

Importance of billing software for retail shops

Retail industry is a huge industry which sells the goods to the end users directly through small shops, supermarkets and malls. This industry has direct contact with end user in order to sale their goods. In other words, retail industry makes transaction between business owner and customer for their daily usage goods. These transactions may be small quantity but client base is huge. Profit of every transaction is also very less compare to whole sale profits. Maximum profit for the transaction is 1 to 3 percent of the MRP.

Thus, tracking of each and every product sale determines the profit or loss of the business. For an example, if we sell a product worth of 100 rupees, business owner will get 1 rupee as profit. But if cashier forget to include an item to make bill, business owner will lose 100 rupees. Hence, tracking each and every transaction is very important in retail industry. In this article we are going to understand about retail industry and importance of billing software for retail shops.

Sales Process

sales software

There are three active players in the market for delivering a product to the end users. These three players fix the price of a product and hold the retail market to grow or crash. Below are these.

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Wholesaler
  3. Retailer


Manufacturer is the first player who determines the product quality and base price along with their price. In this first step, they will use raw material and manufacture their finished product. According to their raw material, labour cost and operational cost they will finalize a price to next level. Sometimes it will directly to retail shops but most of the times it will goes to wholesaler and then it will go to retailer. In addition, there is an addition cost of the product is Tax. Each and every manufacturer should pay Tax for manufacturing their product. These are the factors to finalise a product price to the wholesalers.


Wholesaler acts as middleman between manufacturer and retailer. This entity will simply purchase goods from manufacturer and sells directly to retail shops such as supermarkets and malls. While moving goods from manufacturer to retailer they will adjust the price of a product in order to wholesaler to make profit to run the business. In addition, there is sales tax involved in product price. As per government, sale tax will be varied according to the industry.

Now it is called as GST in modern world. Depends upon the business GST percentage will vary. To track the wholesale process, a wholesaler or distributor (called as) can use retail ERP software in their business. Retail software solutions has huge amount of features to track the daily operations of distributors. Wholesaler can get 3 to 5 percent as profit in their sales. These GST details and profits will be tracked by best retail software in India.


Retailer is actively interacting with end users and wholesalers or manufacturers. In the supply chain of retail, product can be purchased directly to the manufacturers and wholesalers. This can be defined by capability of product manufacturers. Because, some manufacturers can supply the product directly to the retail outlets. Retailer or retail outlets can sell thousands of products in single outlets. In order to maintain the stocks and cash flow, business owner should have best online retail software. This will take care of inventory, profit and purchase management. Below are the outlets can use pos retail software.

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Retail shops
  3. Footwear shop
  4. Sportswear shop
  5. Stationary shop
  6. Cosmetic Store
  7. Electronics store

How retail sales work?

As we discussed previous paragraphs, retail is process of selling goods to end user for their daily usages. Here we are going to analyze how retail sales is differs for various industry. Sales process is varied for different shops. For an example we can take jeweler retail shops. In jeweler shop user cannot take required jewels directly and make payment. Sales executive should show the jewels as per the customer requirements and sales person will generate invoice through e -commerce retail software and eventually user has to make payment. Unlike jewels shop we cannot purchase from medical store. First we need doctor’s prescription to buy a medicine from a medical store.

Ecommerce Sales

Online sales is also comes under retail industry since it was used by end users. Ecommerce is not only B2C market but also a B2B market. B2C is nothing but Business to Customer in other words retail sales. B2B is called as wholesale market. In terms of ecommerce, user has to search the product online and user has to make payment first and same will be delivered to the user through delivery persons. User can return the product to the seller if it is not satisfied up to the mark. Though it is online sales, seller has to give a bill to the user. Hence, automated retail software management needed for generating bills to the customer. Unlike shop retail software, ecommerce retail software in India has to maintain it online and bill has to be generated once user has purchased a product online.

Pricing Techniques in Retail

Most of the retail shops will use below formula to calculate the profit. Modern retail software solutions India will calculate selling price automatically based on below formula.

Retail Price = Manufacturer Cost + Profit

Using above retail price manipulation, top retail software’s will calculate the final price automatically based on purchase price. If a product entered in purchase bill cashier has to enter batch number of product in order to calculate final price for sales. To accomplish this, business owners should enter profit percentage in product master. Based on batch number of the product, final selling price will be calculated at the time of sales. So, retail shops should contact top retail software vendors to install retail billing software. If the business owner couldn’t find best retail billing software, they can contact retail software consultant to find the top 10 retail Software Company in India.


As the profit in retail industry is very less, each and every sale should be recorded and monitored by management people. But it is always difficult to monitor all sales it happened in a day. In order to monitor the every sale, business people can purchase a retail billing software where every sale will be recorded and same will be monitored later. Now-a-days retail software price is also reduced because of competition in software industry.

Monitor the sales! Monitor the Profit!

Happy Monitoring!

How to Add a Debit note in Rednote Online Invoicing Software :-

1.Select Debit note option under  purchase in Rednote page.

2.Click New to raise a new Debit note.

3.Select the vendor name from the drop down in vendor name box to whom to you want to raise the debit note.

4.Select the invoice number from the drop down in invoice no box to which invoice you want to raise the debit note.

5.Select a reason for raising a debit note from reason box drop down.

6.Select the date for which you want to raise the debit note.

7.Select the product from the dropdown in product box for which you want to raise to debit note, to add next product click add item.

8.Click save, your debit note will be added against the selected vendor and invoice.

9.Select and open the debit note you want, Click More option and select save to save the debit note in pdf format and select send to send the debit note in pdf format.

10.Select and open the debit note you want, Click Print option to take a print copy of your debit note. 

11.Select action option to delete the debit note, create similar of the debit note and export the debit note to excel file.

12.Select the funnel symbol in the right side where you can filter debit note with date range.

13.Click the setting symbol in right top of the page to change the setting for debit note.

14.You can add prefix, suffix, invoice header for your debit note under settings option.

15.You can enable the given option (Yes/No) under settings like signature, remarks, reset debit no, water mark logo, enable logo, edit debit no, letter head (you can set the margin in the below given box for letter head).

16.You can enter your remarks in the given box to be displayed in the debit note.

17.You can display your signature in the debit note by uploading it by the given link.

18.You can enter your notes in the given box which will be displayed in your debit note.

19.After making your changes in the settings options, click update. Your debit note will be updated with the changes.

How to Add a Payment in Rednote Online Invoicing Software :-

1.Select payment under purchase in left side of the Rednote page.

2.Click New to add a new proforma invoice in Rednote.

3.Select the vendor name from the drop down given in the vendor  name box (Which is mandatory).

4.Select the date for payment to the vendor (Which is mandatory).

5.You can fill other fields given like Payment mode and Payment reference number.

6.Enter the amount in pay box to which invoice you want to make payment

7.Click Save your payment will be saved successfully.

8.Click the arrow next to New option in payment master page and select advance payment.

  • Select the vendor name from the drop down given in the vendor  name box (Which is mandatory).
  • Select the date for payment to the vendor (Which is mandatory).
  • Fill the other fields if needed and enter the advance payment.
  • Click Save your advance payment will be saved.

9.Click Action button, you can delete the payment which is selected then you can export the payment details in excel file.

10. In crop symbol  in right side of the page you can filter the payment by vendor name and Invoice No and click apply.

11.In filter symbol in right side of the page you can filter the payment with date range. 

12.Click the setting symbol in right top of the page to change the setting for payment.

13.You can add prefix, suffix, invoice header for your payment under settings option.

14.You can enable the given option (Yes/No) under settings like reset number, edit payment no.

15.You can enter notes in the given box which will be displayed in the payment.

16.After making your changes in the settings options, click update. Your payment  will be updated with the changes.

How to Add a Purchase Invoice in Rednote Online Invoicing Software :-

1.Select purchase invoice under purchase in left side of the Rednote page.

2.Click New to add a new purchase invoice in rednote.

3.Select the vendor name from the drop down given in the vendor  name box (Which is mandatory).

4.Enter the Invoice No in the given box which is a mandatory field.

5. Select the Invoice date from the given box (Which is mandatory).

6.You can fill other fields given like Payment terms, Due date and Is Reverse charge.

7.Select product from the given drop down box in product, change the quantity if needed and click save. Your purchases invoice will be saved successfully.

8.Select the purchase invoice you want to make changes and click Action button, you can delete the purchase invoice which is selected then you can create similar purchase invoice then you can export the purchase invoice in excel file.

9. In crop symbol  in right side of the page you can filter the purchase invoice by vendors name and click apply.

10.In filter symbol in right side of the page you can filter the purchase invoice with date range. 

11.You can add a payment and advance payment to a purchase invoice:-

  • To add payment for a purchase invoice, open the purchase invoice and select the add payment option and the fields given and click save.
  • To add advance payment for a purchase invoice, click the arrow beside add payment and fill the advance utilization amount and click save.