How to add client in Rednote online invoicing software

1. Select the client under sales on the left side of the Rednote page.

2.To add a new client, click New in the client detail screen.

3.In the client detail page fill the mandatory field like Organization Name, State and GSTN type.

4.If needed you can fill the other field given in the client detail page.

5.To import clients from excel, click the arrow near New option and select import client option.

6.Download the import client excel file from the right corner of the page.

7.Fill all the client detail in excel file, client Name and State are mandatory fields. State code should be filled in the State column with the help of the detail given in the second sheet of excel file.

8.Upload the file in the below link and click import client.

9.Client detail will be imported successfully.

10.If you click the action button, you can delete a client, export the client to an excel file and convert the client into vendor by selecting create as vendor.