How to Add a Product in Rednote Online Billing Software

1. Click products on the left side of the Rednote page.

2. To add a new product click new.

3. Enter the product name in the given product name box.

4. To add a description to a product, you can describe the product in the given description box.

5. To create a product group, click the dropdown given and add a new product Group. You can add the product under the added group.

6. Select your product type in the given dropdown (Goods/Service).

7. Enter HSN Code in HSN code Text Box.

8. Enter sales GST (%) (Only numeric – 5 or 12 or 18).

9. Enter purchase GST (%) (Only numeric – 5 or 12 or 18).

10. You can enter your stock keeping unit in SKU option.

11. Select whether your product is for sales or purchase, select all if need for both sales and purchase.

12. If tax is inclusive select the Tax Inclusive box.

13. To maintain stock enable the add to inventory box

14. Select add to inventory, Re-order quantity appear (Where you can enter a no of quantity when to get an intimation for ordering the product.

15. To add a UOM to your product, click the dropdown in the UOM option and add a new UOM.

16. Select UOM and enter your sales price and purchase price in the given text box.

17. If you want to add a multilevel UOM, Enable Multilevel UOM option. Enter an outer UOM of your product, then sales price then purchase price then inner UOM and inner quantity. Click Add price to add the next UOM. Follow the process to add and maintain multiple UOM.

18. Then click add, your product will be added successfully.