How to Add Credit Note in Rednote Invoicing Software

1.Select credit note option under sales in Rednote page.

2.Click New to add a new credit note.

3.Select the client name from the drop down in client name box to whom to you want to raise the credit note.

4.Select the invoice number from the drop down in invoice no box to which invoice you want to raise the credit note.

5.Select a reason for raising a credit note from reason box drop down.

6.Select the date for which you want to raise the credit note.

7.Select the product from the dropdown in product box for which you want to raise to credit note, to add next product click add item.

8.Click save, your credit note will be added against the selected client and invoice.

9.Select action option to delete the credit note, create similar of the credit note and export the credit note to excel file.

10.Select the funnel symbol in the right side where you can filter credit note with date range.

11.Click the setting symbol in right top of the page to change the setting for credit note.

12.You can add prefix, suffix, invoice header for your credit note under settings option.

13.You can enable the given option (Yes/No) under settings like signature,remarks,reset number,water mark logo,enable logo,edit credit no,letter head (you can set the margin in the below given box for letter head).

14.You can enter your remarks in the given box to be displayed in the credit note.

15.You can display your signature in the credit note by uploading it by the given link.

16.You can enter your notes in the given box which will be displayed in your credit note.

17.After making your changes in the settings options, click update. Your credit note will be updated with the changes.