How to Add a Purchase Invoice in Rednote Online Invoicing Software :-

1.Select purchase invoice under purchase in left side of the Rednote page.

2.Click New to add a new purchase invoice in rednote.

3.Select the vendor name from the drop down given in the vendor  name box (Which is mandatory).

4.Enter the Invoice No in the given box which is a mandatory field.

5. Select the Invoice date from the given box (Which is mandatory).

6.You can fill other fields given like Payment terms, Due date and Is Reverse charge.

7.Select product from the given drop down box in product, change the quantity if needed and click save. Your purchases invoice will be saved successfully.

8.Select the purchase invoice you want to make changes and click Action button, you can delete the purchase invoice which is selected then you can create similar purchase invoice then you can export the purchase invoice in excel file.

9. In crop symbol  in right side of the page you can filter the purchase invoice by vendors name and click apply.

10.In filter symbol in right side of the page you can filter the purchase invoice with date range. 

11.You can add a payment and advance payment to a purchase invoice:-

  • To add payment for a purchase invoice, open the purchase invoice and select the add payment option and the fields given and click save.
  • To add advance payment for a purchase invoice, click the arrow beside add payment and fill the advance utilization amount and click save.