GST software for multi branch franchisee management

Each corporation that has divisions at multiple locations will look to run their business smoothly & efficiently with ease. To run multiple branch businesses successfully, it’s mandatory to trace the daily sales, stock and income in every branch. One billing software which is complete package of billing, accounting & inventory is enough for running different branches spread across different locations

Managing your accounts after you have branches of your business for instance you’ve got 25 outlets and you’ve got to stay an eye fixed on all the outlets business. It hums very trying with just your system doing the work. But with the help of a computer code that’s built for managing multi branched business it gets simpler. There is many software that claims to manage such reasonable business but you need to choose wisely and confirm that it’s the most effective multi branch management software so it’s beneficial for your business.

This will help to analyse the performance of your company. Compare the consolidated reports together with your past financial years/quarters/months consolidated reports and obtain to grasp your progress level relaxed.

Multi Branch accountancy Software

Managing business accounting across multiple branches across different locations faces huge challenges. Maintaining information through the system alone doesn’t allow you to conduct a transparent analysis of the accounting of multiple branches. By employing a software package dedicated to accounting, accounting is going to become simpler and everything will be organized. 

Enterprises with many branches and retail stores will have to handle accounting more carefully because it involves critical data to be managed, so business owners hope that the accounting software can access the software to allow them to understand the case of all branches and outlets. 

Therefore, effective accounting software must be combined, which might function management software for multiple branches of your enterprise. 

Accounting software for multiple branches 

Branch-specific accounting software maintains information for every branch or organization ’s business location separately to avoid confusion. Multi-branch accounting software could be a software that manages all branches under the headquarters / central branch, in order that the administrator or manager of the central branch can view all accounts associated with the branch from one location.

You can view the income that happens for every transaction and every branch. The reports of all branches will fly through the cable and reach the central branch system. Therefore, you’ll easily monitor the financial performance of every branch, which is able to help improve all aspects of the business. 

With billing software, you’ll be able to manage accounting for multiple companies, accounting for multiple branches of multiple users. you’ll be able to also use billing software to manage the inventory of multiple branches to avoid shortages. Transactions between branches are easy. 

You can view the wise inventory of branches, inventory summary report, etc. you’ll grant multiple users access rights to every branch to update the daily sales or purchases of their respective branches. you’ll be able to allow them to individually access the records of their respective branches. Administrators can view access to any or all branches.

Centralized Data Management

Multiple branch billing software allows you to manage all of your branch’s accounting/billing data centrally from Admin or authorised user account

Track sales across branches/retail outlets

Wherever you’re, you’ll be able to access any of your branches/outlets and monitor the live sale performance. By observing the sales analytics using Sales reports, you’ll find the ways to enhance sales of every branch and customer satisfaction.

Switching between branches

Switch between branches during a single click and centrally view what’s happening in each branch. reverse to any branch and retrieve data smoothly at any time.

Combined Sales & Diagram of Accounts across multiple branches

Administrators and authorized users can view the consolidated accounts of all branches which incorporate the consolidated profit loss, record, balance, daily income accounts etc.

Real Time Business Analytics

Instantly view dashboards and reports of each branch without completely switching between branches. Just click on the drop-down related to Dashboard & reports of any branch to look at individual branch data of other branches.

Swift easily between branches & confirm every branch is financially healthy with the assistance of Dashboards and Reports. you’ll analyse which branch is giving more profits and which branch has to be monitored to boost sales.

Manage & Distribute Inventory wisely

With all branch/store inventory information accessible from Admin’s Head Branch account, you’ll track the expired stock, reorder stock & redistribute stock across branches. you’ll control the right consignment of products between branches and avoid stock-outs in each of your places of business. Inventory reports will help each branch to grasp when and from where they received stock. you’ll plan your inventory better and generate more revenue for your multiple branches.

Output Records Multi Division Billing software simplifies your multiple branch accounting. Controller all in your profession by simply staying updated with each & every branch happenings and being at the main branch.

The best quote online GST software for multi branch franchisee management in India is Reach ERP software. because it comes with several benefits that other business management software lacks in and could be a powerful software with many features which will also generate other useful features.

What your corporate needs for perfect management is an ERP software. An ERP software could be a one stop solution for any quiet business so you are not necessarily investing on various software for each function in your business and have a tough time trying to integrate them.

The best quote ERP software could be a cloud-based software as you would not worry about any system crash, virus attacks, accessibility, etc. it’s always a wider choice than the standard method because it comes with benefits that traditional software lacks in.

The best multi branch management software allows you to have control on all the business under your main branch and you’ll be able to keep a simple account of all the branches under you. it’s cloud based and hence helps you store all the data with none worries of losing your accounts.

Features of the most effective multi branch management software                                                                

Project management

Contemplate your whole business as a plan or any project that your company is handling. you’ll easily manage it with a Reach Accountant taking care of your company. The expenses, planning, storing of accounts etc are often all finished with the assistance of Reach. you’ll be able to manage all the projects separately by entering their details separately in numerous sheets, track them and check on their work progress.


Easily convert your bills into invoices and provide your business knowledgeable look. you’ll be able to also choose between 20 differing types of invoices and insert your logo and tagline in them.

Expense management

You will never need to worry about going astray once you have a Reach accountant managing your expenses. The budget and expenditure columns will match up with one another automatically keeping you alert about your expenditures. And you remain updated when your budget is getting used in addition so you recognize where your money is being put into. Which is extremely important for any reasonably business which makes Reach one in every of the most effective multi branch management software.


Accounting remains the most vital task of a business, as accounts are the records of everything and you wish to own a history of everything in your business. And during this case there’s over one because the branches of your business are able to send their accounts to the most branches and you’ll need to note it all down. It makes the work very time consuming and from time to time impossible. But Reach will update your accounts in real time and you’ll not have to watch for all the accounts to arrive back to the most branch, you’ll be able to just access your accounts anytime and check and everything is updated to you in real time furthermore. Reach together with the qualities of the simplest multi branch management software gives bank level security and limited access to the accounts.